join us for our Digital seminar 2018

New to Digital: Your 101 (1 hour)

Tuesday, 10/16 8:30am or Wednesday, 10/17 11:00am

New to digital marketing? We take it slow! Learn the digital basics and how to generate new leads to your business. This session will include topics such as retargeting, behavioral targeting, keyword targeting, native, and the basics of social. Get all your questions answered while learning at beginners’ pace.

Finding Your Next Great Hire: Recruitment Tools That Get the Job Done (30 minutes)

Tuesday, 10/16 10:00am

Got a job to fill? Learn about proven techniques to get your position filled through native recruitment, Facebook job postings, mobile conquesting, behavioral targeting, keyword targeting, and more! This 30-minute webinar will teach you all the tools of the trade.

The Native Takeover: Why Native makes up More Than 50% of Digital Day Spend (1 hour) *SEMINAR FULL*

Tuesday, 10/16 11:00am

Native ads match the look and feel of the website they are seen on and can’t be blocked by ad blockers. See why the native ad unit is overtaking internet spending, as well as a deep dive into the originator of native on Facebook, and social media trends you cannot miss!

Mobile Marketing: The Latest and Greatest Innovations (45 minutes) *SEMINAR FULL*

Tuesday, 10/16 1:00pm or Wednesday, 10/17 8:30am

Learn all the features of mobile marketing including geo-fencing, behavioral/location/brand targeting, dynamically updated ads, weather triggered ads, geo-retargeting, geo-lookalike targeting, and visit tracking. Along with these mobile marketing features we are announcing new features, such as Audience DNA, heat map marketing, lookback data, and extended visitation data! If you’re new to mobile, or a mobile marketing enthusiast, there’s a topic in this webinar for you!

Google Analytics: 5 Reports that will Transform your Marketing Data (30 minutes)

Wednesday, 10/17 10:00am

Learn how you can use the data from your Google Analytics to market and find new customers. We’ll review how to pull an audience overview report, a benchmarking report so you can see how you stack up against your competitors, a page’s report, as well as a demographics and interest report. Become a Google Analytics guru!

Advance Digital Marketing Techniques and How to Learn About Your Competitors (1 hour)

Tuesday, 10/16 2:30pm

This course is for those who have digital marketing experience under their belts and want to take it a step farther! We’ll explain why agencies have shifted to native, advanced social capabilities, the latest mobile marketing techniques, IP targeting, and how to research what your competitors are doing online. We’ll also talk about the newest enhancements with Programmatic Audio and Connected TV marketing.