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Radio remains the only medium unaffected by technological changes in the media, and is actually thriving! Radio listenership has gone up over the past 15 years. Over 94% of Americans 25-54 tune into broadcast radio every week and 73% of Americans listen for almost 3 hours every day. Radio has the largest reach and is the most effective traditional media!

Digital Advertising is also Essential to Reaching an Audience!   Whether you’re just beginning in digital advertising or you’re more advanced in your marketing techniques, we will strategize and implement the right campaign for you.  Continuing to keep your business top of mind is key. Did you know 74% of people go online for more information after hearing a product/service advertised on a TV or Radio Commercial?  *Source Market Track, “Media Usage Survey, Sept. 2015  Are you a small business? Over a third of Internet users say they learn about small businesses first through online research! What does this mean for you? If you have no online presence you likely won’t gain new customers.   Your website is the Information Destination and we’re here to help keep your business in front of JUST the audience you want to reach, displaying your ads in front of your demographic! Whether you need to target local, out of state or international we can help you reach new potential customers.We will customize a digital strategy that will help accomplish your goals.  Your advanced digital campaign will be optimized; targeting your demographic in the geographic area you want to reach! The best part? You’ll have full transparent monthly reports allowing you to know exactly how your budget is being spent and where your ads are being seen! We’ll provide you with in-depth reporting, tracking clicks, conversions, and view-throughs just to name a few, and constant optimization throughout your campaign. If that’s not enough, you can have 24/7 access to the reporting portal, allowing you view the analytics and pull reports anytime you want.  With access to thousands of targeting categories, the majority of the exchanges and several online advertising strategies, you will feel confident with your decision to partner with us creating a successful Online Advertising Campaign.    So, What’s the Next Step? Give us a call! We’ll meet with you and strategize a radio/digital campaign unique to your business.


Do you own a business that would like to trade gift certificates for products or services in exchange for advertising airtime?

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